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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A few photos

As usual, I've been too busy to blog much lately, but wanted to share these photos to show that we're still busy creating and shipping out some wonderful and unique Highland dress items!

Here are a pair of Colquhoun kilts -- oddly enough, made for two different, unrelated clients.  The one on top is reproduction Colquhoun from DC Dalgliesh.  It's a four yard box pleated kit that shipped out with a matching tartan waistcoat (not pictured).  Then below it is the cloth for an ancient Colquhoun kilt.  The cloth was supplied by the client, but I believe it was Lochcarron woven.  That was made up into a six yard box pleated kilt.

The above two photos are of a four yard box pleated kilt in the 42nd band tartan, Wilsons of Bannockburn historic colors.  This tartan is the same as the Black Watch, with the black replaced with red.  I love the pleat detail shot, which shows the nearly invisible hand stitching!

Let's not forget about the knitwear!  Here is a lovely pair of grey and white shepherd check kilt hose hand knit by my wife for a client who saw a photo of me wearing my hand knit hose and just had to have a pair.

And finally, the most recent creation to leave our workshop - a formal waistcoat in the Polaris tartan.  Note the collar, and the cloth covered buttons.  It's all in the details!

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kiltman said...

Great piece of information and wow! beautiful pics of our beloved tartans....I love to buy kilts from folks that are passionate about kilt making and you are one of them....Keep up the good work and do what you doing in your passion....!