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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Highland Granite tartan

Ok, so I can't let the first day of this blog go by without posting at least one picture of a tartan! This is the new "Highland Granite" tartan just released this year by Lochcarron of Scotland.

I just recieved a sample swatch of it, from which this image is scanned. It's a 16 oz. cloth, perfect for kilting. It's absolutely gorgeous! I would love to have a kilt in it myself, but when would I have the time to make it? I already have some grey Harris Tweed lying in wait for a kilt for me, and just ordered cloth in the modern Armstrong (I decided my wardrobe needs a dark green kilt, and my grandmother's maiden name was Armstrong). So whenever I don't have any kilts lined up to make for other people I'll get on making those two for myself -- who knows when that will be, though!

Anyway, anyone want a kilt in the Highland Granite? I'd love to make a kilt from it, it would look spectacular!


Anonymous said...

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Eric in Las Vegas said...

Nice looking tartan. Looks to be black, dark gray with light gray or white lines. Nice and subdued.

You still should make time for your own kilts. Schedule it in, even if its just to work on one for a day a week, so you can have your cake and eat it too.