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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Growing Up Kilted

Ok, I'm probably not the only one who has young kids who love their daddy's kilt. But wearing one nearly every day, and spending time making them around the house, my kids are probably more familiar than most.

Every time I start work on a new kilt, my three-year old daughter has to tell me, "That's a very colorful kilt you're making daddy!" (She really liked the Buchanan I did a few months ago). Or she'll tell me to wear my "red kilt" today or my "green kilt." She'll see something tartan and point and say, "That's just like your kilt!"

Today, though, my son got in on the action. I was getting my daughter dressed this morning, and pulled out a little plaid skirt from her drawer. "Do you want to wear this today?" I asked. "No!" she yelled. "Are you sure?" I said, "It looks like a kilt." "Ok!" was her enthusiastic reply, and then she helped me pick a shirt to match (the one with the butterflies as it turns out).

My 17-month old son (pictured here), who was still half asleep in his crib at the time, apparently heard and wanted to get in on the action. When I pulled him out to get him dressed, he started a fuss when I got out his clothes. "What's wrong?" I asked. He scrunched up his little eyes and yelled, "KILT!!!"

"You want to wear a kilt?" I asked. He yelled, "YEAH!!!"

So now I guess my next task is to make a wee kilt for my boy.
(Actually he was baptized in a kilt, as was his younger brother just this past June, but he outgrew that about 5 minutes after the baptism!)

Gotta start those traditions young!


Anonymous said...

Good on you Matt. I too love the fact that both my kids are interested in my kilt wearing. My son has had a kilt for 3 years now (he's 4 now) and my duaghter loves her plaid skirts and and bagpipes.

Love the shirt your son is wearing, where did you pick that up?

Colin Wood

Matthew Newsome, FSA Scot, GTS said...


Try this link:

Illinois Douglas said...

My 4-year-old is on his second kilt; he had one when he about the age of yours, and a new this year. Gotta see about a new one for him next year, most likely.

My 16-year-old, otoh, reacts with something like fear at the suggest he might wear a kilt. Shoulda started younger.

Anonymous said...

I am 16 and i started wearing kilts about one month ago. The kilt is probably the coolest garment in the world! I wore my kilt on a camping trip and i got so many questions and compliments, mostly from very attractive girls. I have made one kilt and i just ordered some tartan fabric for another. If you dont like confidence, comfort and attention from girls, dont wear a kilt!