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Friday, August 17, 2007

Another Milestone

This weathered Gordon box pleated beauty above, made for Turpin Ballard (proprietor of Thorfinn's Sporrans), represents another Milestone in my kiltmaking carier. It's the 200th kilt I have made! It was only September 27th of last year that I posted on this blog of my 100th kilt. At that time, I listed out all 100 tartans (and a few non-tartans) of the kilts I had made. I didn't anticipate that such a list would generate much interest, but a lot of you seem to have gotten a kick out of seeing the variety in the list (or finding where your tartan stood on the list, I suppose).

So, in keeping with that tradition, here is the second "century" of my kilts. As was the case with the first 100, the great majority of these have been box pleated kilts made from heavy weight cloth. There were a few five yard knife pleated kilts and a couple of lady's skirts thrown into the mix, but most of these were four yard box pleaters.

101. Galbraith ancient
102. Hay hunting ancient
103. MacDonald modern
104. Scott hunting ancient
105. Paisley ancient
106. County Kerry
107. Lamont weathered
108. MacKenzie modern
109. Red Gordon weathered
110. Gunn ancient
111. German National
112. Lovat Blue tweed
113. Charcoal tweed
114. Dunlop modern
115. MacNeil modern
116. Ferguson ancient
117. Federal Memorial
118. Rob Roy (movie tartan)
119. Grant Hunting ancient
120. Grant Hunting ancient
121. Grant Hunting ancient
122. Grant Hunting ancient
123. Peeper
124. MacKinnon Hunting ancient
125. MacPherson Hunting (Harris Tweed)
126. German National
127. Carolina modern
128. MacKenzie modern
129. Fitzgibbon
130. Cuming Hunting modern
131. Hunting Stewart, regimental
132. Sackett
133. Irvine ancient
134. X Marks the Scot
135. Hunting Brodie weathered
136. Black Watch, regimental
137. MacGregor modern
138. Drummond of Perth modern
139. Maxwell modern
140. Lovat Blue Harris Tweed
141. Fraser of Lovat
142. Henderson weathered
143. MacDonald weathered
144. Carnegie ancient
145. Moncrieff ancient
146. Ross Hunting weathered
147. Maxwell modern
148. Ulster (brown)
149. MacCormick
150. MacCormick
151. Lamont ancient
152. Hamilton modern
153. Hamilton modern
154. MacDonald of Glencoe
155. Bryce
156. MacGregor weathered
157. Harris Tweed (blue, green & tan check)
158. Harris Tweed (lovat green)
159. Iowa
160. MacLaren ancient
161. Fitzsimmons
162. Harris Tweed (blue, green & brown check)
163. US Bicentennial (US St. Andrews)
164. Austin/Keith ancient
165. County Fermanaugh
166. Sutherland modern
167. Isle of Skye
168. MacDonald of Clanranald ancient
169. Lamont modern
170. MacFarlane hunting modern
171. MacLean of Duart modern
172. Campbell ancient
173. Saffron
174. Lamont ancient
175. Blue Alba
176. Boyd modern
177. Watson ancient
178. Watson ancient
179. Matheson modern
180. Watson ancient
181. Watson ancient
182. Davidson modern
183. MacKenzie, regimental
184. MacDonald of the Isles hunting, modern
185. MacDonald modern
186. MacGregor ancient
187. County Limerick
188. MacKenzie modern
189. Ulster (brown)
190. MacGregor ancient
191. Smith modern
192. MacIan/MacDonald of Ardnamurchan modern
193. Duke of Rothesay Hunting
194. Stuart of Bute
195. Greene
196. X Marks the Scot
197. Henderson muted
198. brown Harris Tweed
199. blue Harris Tweed
200. Gordon weathered!
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Bisell said...

Hey dude, congrats on the milestone!

Maybe by the time you reach 300 there'll be a Ryan Ross Commemorative and an Oglethorpe tartan on the list. :)

Panache said...


Congratulations! I'm proud to have kilt 101 and almost a year later find it still an exceptional piece of work.

Jamie (a.k.a. Panache)

Anonymous said...

That's an amazing number of kilts! May this avocation never become tiresome . . . I look forward to ordering a few more kilts from you.

Thanks for number 135 :)

Glen (Abax)