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Monday, October 29, 2007

Computer problems

Well, it looks like the Newsome family computer may have to be put down. It seems to have developed a terminal illness a few days ago. It's in the shop now and we are more than likely going to have to get a new hard drive. I will likely be without it for the next few days.

This means that I'm having to check my personal e-mail from work, and my available time to do that during the day is intermitant. I'm trying to get urgent correspondance taken care of, but if you have emailed me over the past few days and have not yet received a reply, that is why. Please be patient. I'll endeavor to get caught up on my correspondance in a few days, when hopefully we will be back on line at Casa Newsome.

UPDATE: 11/02/07
Our computer is back up and running with a brand new hard drive and loads of extra memory, so all would seem to be well (other than having to spend last night reinstalling everything, rather than making kilts as I should have been!). Now to get to those backlogged emails.....

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