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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Heading Down to Stone Mountain

Yes, I know it has been some time since I posted anything new here. So my readers do not feel neglected I thought I'd jot this wee note before heading down to the 35th annual Stone Mountain Highland Games in Atlanta, GA, tomorrow morning. This is the largest Games we (the museum staff and crew) attend during the year, and one of only two that we bring gift shop merchandise to vend at (the other being the Greenville Games in SC).

Normally when we attend this type of event we set up an information booth where we look up tartans, answer questions about Highland Dress, and of course promote the museum. At Stone Mountain we do all of that, of course, but we also provide a selection of items from our gift shop. It's a great sales weekend for us, and the revenues from this event really help to keep the museum funded throughout the winter months, when the tourists are not out in as great a number.

Speaking of tourists, they come to the mountains in force in October! Which is one reason I have been so busy lately. We have had one full day after another at the museum lately. The greater number of visitors we see this time of year, together with preparing to go to Stone Mountain, has me "seeing red!"

Just kidding! The above photo is the result of the Lasik surgery I just had one week ago today. The red you see in my eyes is the result of bruising from the procedure. It's a normal thing that will fade in about another week. I can't even feel it, but I sure do get the comments from our museum guests! I think I might wear my sunglasses down at Stone Mountain so as to not scare the small children. :-)

Seriously, though, the Lasik surgery is amazing. I went from something on the order of 20/1000 vision to 20/20 or better in a matter of seconds. The evening of the surgery I was checking email, watching tv, and even sewing a bit on a kilt. This is one piece of modern technology that really delivers the promised results and I am fantastically happy with my decision. I heartily recommend it to anyone considering it. It actually corrected my vision, as opposed to simply relieving the symptoms of my poor eye sight, which is what my contacts and glasses did. So I'm a happy customer!

Enough about that. We've also been busy at the Newsome household with our newborn son, Alister, who is seven weeks old. Obligatory cute baby picture below.

What with things at the museum being so busy, and things at home being busy as well, you'll have to forgive me if I'm not quite as attentive to my emails and blog posts. Things should quiet down some after the weekend, though. Be aware that the Museum will be closed Friday-Monday this weekend (we take Monday as an unpacking/inventory day), so emails won't be answered till after that time.

And if anyone has sent me an email and is still waiting for a response, please be patient and I'll try and get all my correspondence caught up with after the weekend. In the meantime, anyone going down to Stone Mountain for the Games, please come visit us at the Scottish Tartans Museum tent and say hi!

When I get back, I promise, my next blog post will have a kilt and/or tartan in it!
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