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Friday, April 09, 2010

Donald Trump Jr., Dressed to Kilt!

Among the many celebs sporting the kilt in New York City this past week was Donald Trump Jr., dressed in the MacLeod of Lewis (aka Dress MacLeod) tartan.

With so many famous faces participating in the "Dressed to Kilt!" fashion show, why are we singling out Donald Jr.? Because he has the best taste in kilt hose, of course!
The Scottish Tartans Museum was pleased to be asked to contribute to his outfit for the event. You can see in the images below, taken from the web, that he is wearing a pair of brick red Lewis kilt hose.
Originally black hose were requested, but I personally thought the brick red would be a nice touch to the outfit. Ultimately, both colors were purchased and in the end it looks like my choice of red hose won out. I must say I think they look splendid, and seeing the outfit in the below photos I actually think that black hose would have been too dark a choice. The red adds a very nice bit of color to the ensemble.
My only real critique is with the tartan flashes, which are a personal pet peeve of mine (though I admit they are popular). I think a nice pair of solid color flashes would look infinitely better and more refined.
Overall, however, I must say that of all the celebrities donning kilts for the event, Donald Trump Jr. was the best dressed of all I have seen so far (in terms of following traditional Highland attire). The "Dressed to Kilt" fashion show too often can be about creating near-grotesque charactatures of Highland Dress, and so it is refreshing to see the kilt being worn in a more traditional manner at this event.


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Sandford MacLean said...

Indeed Young Trump does look better than most. I'm not only glad to see the red hose, but also the regulation doublet instead of the ubiquitous PC coatee.