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Thursday, September 16, 2010

St. Ninian tartan availability

A brief post from Glasgow -- I was in Bellahouston Park this afternoon attending the Papal Mass. It was a big success, and I spied several people wearing the St. Ninian tartan.

I know many people have left comments here asking where they can get something in the tartan. I have had many email requests as well.

I just wanted to make a brief post here to let you know that I met this morning with Ingles Buchan, the weavers of the tartan ties and scarves that were given as gifts to the dignitaries, and there are plans to make the tartan commercially available. It should be available in neck ties, scarves, sashes, tams, county caps, brushed wool scarves, and even heavy kilt weight cloth!

I would recommend at the moment if you are interested to please email the gift shop at the Scottish Tartans Museum at

Any tartan retailer who carries Ingles Buchan products should be able to source the tartan for you, but I especially recommend the Scottish Tartans Museum as sales from the gift shop are what keeps the museum funded.

Thanks for everyone who is interested and I'll post more details as I have them. Tomorrow morning sees an early flight back to the states and hopefully a restful weekend will be had before it's back to normal life on Monday.

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Herminator said...

Very cool, I hope protestants may wear it as well!