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Friday, February 11, 2011

Interesting historic kilts being discussed

Over on the X Marks the Scot kilt wearer's forum there are a couple of interesting threads started by Peter MacDonald dealing with some interesting historical kilts he has recently discovered.

One is an old kilt that appears to be a transitional style between the untailored feilidh-beag and the tailored kilt. This one is in the Sutherland tarta
n (aka Black Watch), just over three yards long, and box pleated, with the pleats sewn in across the top only.

The other thread deals with a kilt in the Prince Charles Edward Stuart tartan which has an interesting shape to the apron.

It's always fascinating to read what Peter has managed to find. It's nice to know there is someone over there in Scotland with such a passion about traditional and historic Highland dress; and someone with such a good knowledge base of the matter, as well. Thanks, Peter!

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