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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Lochcarron bought by South Korean Firm

Lochcarron of Scotland has been sold to the South Korean fashion firm, E-Land. Lochcarron is one of my favorite tartan suppliers, and of the 500 or so kilts I have made thus far in my career, a majority have been from Lochcarron cloth.

I am saddened to see them sold, and saddened even more to see them sold to owners outwith Scotland. However, I know that they - like most all of the tartan industry in Scotland - have been going through rough economic times lately, and if this sale means that the mill in Selkirk can remain open, local people employed, and the tartan cloth still produced in Scotland, then this is good news. Certainly better than going out of business!

I suppose I'd much rather see a Korean-owned company making and producing tartan cloth in Scotland, than a Scottish-owned company making all their tartan in Asia and importing it, putting other Scottish mills out of business!

For all my kilt making clients, I have no reason to believe this will interrupt the supply of tartan at all, and until I hear word otherwise, please rest assured that all is "business as usual." Let's wish for success moving forward for Lochcarron and all the other Scottish tartan mills.

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