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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Tropical Weight Linen kilt jackets

Most traditional Scottish Highland attire is perfectly suited to Scottish weather.  And why wouldn't it be?  That is where Highland dress originated, after all.

But here is the rub.  Most people of Scottish descent do not live in Scotland.  Scottish immigrants and their descendants are spread across the globe in places as far flung as the Carolinas to California, Argentina to Australia, and beyond.  Some of these places have decidedly non-Scottish climates!

What to do if you live in Florida, Texas, or some other tropical or semi-tropical location, but you still want to be well dressed in the kilt.  A heavy Harris Tweed kilt jacket may be just the thing to keep the chill away, but that is the least of your concerns.

I am pleased to announce that the Scottish Tartans Museum has introduced a new line of tropical weight LINEN KILT JACKETS

What is really impressive about this new product is not just the fact that the jackets look great, yet are light weight.  They are also available in a range of 10 different colors, and each one is made to measure, so guaranteed to fit well.  And the price is only $295 - the same or less than many off-the-peg stock kilt jackets.

Be sure to order yours this fall so you can enjoy it all next summer!



Aryaman Stefan Wellershaus said...

Hello, you write, „Most traditional Scottish Highland attire is perfectly suited to Scottish weather.“ No, it is not. In April 1978 I travelled through the Highlands (by bus and train), weather was not „Nice weather today“ but cold and rainy and snow and hail, once in a while sunshine. Since my childhood I´m very fond of kilts (since I saw scottisch soldiers in my hometown Hamelin in 1946 or so), but I would not dared to go with bare knees in such weather. Fortunately I wore long trousers on my wandering through the land. But the scottish attire?

Why do you people not wear long stockings? When the sun comes you roll them down, when the hail comes you roll them up. Now I wear a longer skirt all day and long stockings of various patterns underneath (a kilt would not be good for my paralized legs).

Most of my skirts are tailored in tartans – scottish or irish, respectively. Some 100 years ago it seems that scottish boys at times wore a kilt plus long stockings. Look here a few drawings and a story (german) I wrote: .

Matthew Newsome, FSA Scot, GTS said...

You are correct, it is often cold and wet in Scotland, which is why cloth such as heavy worsted wool and Harris Tweed is so appropriate to the climate there. These light weight linen kilt jackets are meant as an alternative for those wearing Highland attire in other climates who have to deal with much warmer termperatures.

As for stockings, it is customary to wear knee high woolen or wool blend hose with the kilt.