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Friday, September 14, 2012

Neil Armstrong Memorial

Yesterday, Sept. 13, there was a memorial held for astronaut Neil Armstrong, who died last month. The memorial was held at the Washington National Cathedral. You can download an event program here:
At the start of the service, the family was processed in behind a kilted piper. Angus Sutherland, age 22, originally of Kelso (but now living in DC) was asked by the Scottish Government to pipe for the family. They wanted him wearing the Armstrong tartan, and I am happy to report that the Scottish Tartans Authority was able to connect the Scottish Embassy there with myself and I was able to provide a kilt to the piper in time for the service. He is wearing a four-yard box pleated kilt in the Armstrong modern tartan.

The piper played "Mist Covered Mountains." For those interested, there is a video of the entire service on the National Cathedral's web site. If you are looking for the piper, he's at the beginning, about 30 seconds in, and pipes for around 3 minutes as the family enters the cathedral.

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