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Saturday, July 06, 2013

Campbell tartan, Duke of Argyll's colors.

I just sent out this very special kilt. It is the ancient Campbell tartan, and over the years I have made many kilts in this tartan. However, this customer had a special request. He wanted the cloth to be woven in the colors favored by the current Duke of Argyll. This required a special weave, which I was happy to do -- I happen to know the mill where the Duke gets his tartan woven and they were happy to oblige my request for this order.

Here is the Duke of Argyll displaying his tartan in these lovely light shades.

And here is the kilt I just sent off in the post. It's a 6 yard knife pleated kilt, heavy weight fabric, all hand sewn as are all of my kilts.

1 comment:

Isaac Walters said...

I absolutely love these colors and someday, I hope to have a kilt similar. These colors are also like those of the kilt I have seen in images worn by Torquhil's father, the late Argyll. Wonderful!!