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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Balmoral Kilt Hose

I thought some of you might appreciate a closer look at the Balmoral kilt hose I mentioned in my last post. These are a really great way to add a bit of uniqueness to any Highland outfit, and depending upon the color selection, can serve just as well for both casual and formal occasions.

For those interested, we are now offering these through the Scottish Tartans Museum gift shop. They retail for $135. I know for some this is a bit pricey, but remember that each pair is custom made, and the tops of these are entirely hand knit. And these are still priced well below the going rate for custom Argyle knit hose. In fact, these are a great "in-between" hose -- not as formal or costly as the full Argyle, but above and beyond just the plain solid hose.

Here is how it works. You select your own combination of up to 5 colors (the body of the sock, the two colors of the basket weave, and the two colors of the stripes at the base of the fold-over). You can select from any of the seventeen colors available in the Lewis hose we also sell. We will also need to know your shoe size, of course. Your hose will then be specially made for you (please allow several weeks!).

I'm wearing my pair here with a set of traditional garter ties, which are recommended as they come in the same color selection. However, standard garters would work just as well.

Just like the Lewis hose, the Balmoral hose are made from a 50% Merino wool (extra soft!), 50% Acrylic blend that is both comfortable as well as easy to care for. I wash mine with my other kilt hose in the machine in cold water on the gentle cycle, and allow to air dry. Also like the Lewis hose, these are made extra strong at the toe and heel for an extra long life.

To order yours, you can call the museum's gift shop at (828)524-7472, or just order on line. They are listed about mid-way down our kilt hose page.
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