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Monday, April 09, 2007

Tartan Day at the Tartan Museum

This past Friday, April 6, was National Tartan Day. We celebrated it at the Scottish Tartans Museum in our customary fashion with an Open House. Free admission all day, guided tours, and a complimentary luncheon of hand made Scottish foods offered by members of the Friends of the Scottish Tartans Museum.
Here are just a few pictures of the day's activities. Below is Jim Akins helping himself to a snack. Jim will be familiar to those of you who visit the museum on Saturdays. He and his wife Kathie are our "weekend warriors." Jim is wearing a box pleated kilt in the Gordon tartan, which I made for him from an old regimental piper's plaid.

We had lots of kilties visiting from out of town. Below are Ryan Ross and Bisel MacWilliams. These young guys always help us out at the Stone Mountain Highland Games in Atlanta each year. Obviously they decided to dress up in their finest Scottish formal wear for Tartan Day... or not! You can't accuse these guys of taking themselves too seriously. Ryan is wearing the New York City tartan, by the way (box pleated kilt that I made for him) and Bisel is in the ancient Gunn tartan, a kilt he bought from the museum years ago.

Next is a shot of the gift shop, where we had the food tables spread out. Enjoying themselves are a couple of kilties from the X Marks the Scot forum who drove up from SC for the day. John (better known on the forum as MacWages) is wearing a newly completed Carolina tartan kilt that he made himself. He brought with him the infamous "Dreadbelly" whom forum members will instantly recognize. After meeting him, I can truly say he is a mystery wrapped in an enigma, wearing sunglasses! :-)

Wayne Millar (of the Clan Bell Society) also joined us for the day and was even drafted into service as a volunteer tour guide. Thanks, Wayne! I included this picture to show off his new US Army kilt, which he ordered from us last summer. It looks especially sharp pleated to the yellow line, as you can see in this side-shot.

Last but not least, here is a shot of yours truly. I wore my Carolina kilt with my hew Harris Tweed jacket and vest (yes, it was cold enough for it!) - click to make the wee image bigger!

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Bisell said...

Someone needs to design a Margaritaville tartan to go with those shirts we were wearing...