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Friday, November 23, 2007

Sporrans old & new

I promised in my last post to give some email on my newly revamped brass cantle sporran. If you remember, this is the sporran that I got about a year ago, seen pictured here. It was a very nice sporran, and I was very happy with it. But I was so impressed with the Ferguson Britt sporrans that we've been offering in the museum gift shop, that I asked the maker if he could fashion a new bag to fit with the metal top, and he was more than happy to oblidge.

I got the result just after the Stone Mountain Highland Games, and am very happy with it. The bag is a bit longer than the original, and is made from a heavier elk hide. The braided tassels are fastened at the two sides and one in the center in true eighteenth century fashion (as opposed to three on the front as in most modern sporrans). Like all Ferguson Britt sporrans, this one is fully lined with elk suede.
I'm such a fan of his work now that I also commissioned him to make me a lighter brown sporran. I have a few kilts that I thought would look better with a light brown, and thought that a sporran in this color would round out my collection. So I commissioned an Invernan style, which is similar to the beaver fur Glengyle that was my first sporran made by Britt. The main difference is the Invernan style has a much wider opening. I call this one my "large mouth bass" sporran. The first pic below shows you the sporran, made with light brown elk hide with dark brown elk details. Then the second shows you just how large the opening is. Believe it or not, I have my wallet, cell phone, work keys, car/home keys, and a bottle of eye drops (from my lasik surgery), and I can still fit my whole fist in on top of all of that!

Obviously, I am extremely happy with my Ferguson Britt sporrans. I've never encountered a better sporran anywhere than the ones made by this master craftsman. The only down side is how addicting they are!

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Thomas the Bruce said...

Hi. Love your blog! Can I send you some imagers of antique brass cantle sporrans that I want restored? I'd love to have an expert's advice, Thanks, Tom