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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Burns Night -- Franklin, NC

This is the second picture post from Burns Nights I attended this year. These photos are from the Burns Supper held on January 26, 2008, in Franklin, NC, hosted by the Friends of the Scottish Tartans Museum. Again, every intention of a thoughful, reflective post, but I suppose I chanelled the bard all I could in writing my Immortal Memory speech and have nothing left for blogging (at least not at ten till eleven on a Wednesday night!). But, as I said in my last post, it's really all about the kilt pictures, anyway. So here they are!

First up is myself with my trusty sidekick Ronan MacGregor (business assistant at the museum). I'm wearing the St. Columba tartan in a four yard box pleated kilt. Purple Lewis kilt hose, and a nice heraldic themed necktie. Ronan is wearing the Black MacGregor tartan (custom woven for him!) in a box pleated kilt, bottle green Lewis kilt hose, with a black beaver Glengyle sporran from the Ferguson Britt line. Oh, and don't ask me about the sporran I'm wearing. I picked it up about ten years ago from an antiques/military paraphanalia vendor at the Williamsburg Highland Games and haven't seen another one like it since!

Here are the kilted men lining up for the calling of the clans. In front is Wayne Miller, wearing the Bell tartan, in a kilt made by Barbara Tewksbury. Behind him is Arthur Hayes wearing the Clan Hay tartan. Furtherst back is Hal Chapman in the Citadel tartan.
This final snapshot is of Jim and Marian Mathews, new members of the Friends of the Scottish Tartans Museum. Jim is wearing his brand new box pleated kilt in Hunting Matheson that I made for him, with matching tartan tie, black Argyle, and black beaver Glengyle sporran. He's really enjoying his new outfit, and looks quite dapper in it (Marian agrees!).
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