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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Burns Night -- Murphy, NC

This is the first of two picture posts from Burns Suppers I had the pleasure to attend this year. I had noble intentions of writing something profound and elegant, but I'm just too lazy, and really it's all about the pictures of kilts, anyway!

These photos are from the Burns Supper held on January 25, 2008, in Murphy, NC, hosted by the folks who put on the Appalachian Highland Games. I was invited back for a second year to give the Immortal Memory speech. This year I was fortunate to be accompanied by my wife, Joannie, and infant son, Alister.

First pic is of Arthur Hayes, the president of the Appalachian Highland Games, giving the "Address to the Haggis." He really does it with great flare!

Next is of myself with friends Rebecca and Henry Scott. The Scotts are the proprietors of Purple Heather Pottery, and make some wonderful hand cast pottery goods featuring clan crests, thistles, Celtic crosses, and other Celtic motifs. We carry their products in the museum gift shop. Rebecca is holding wee Alister.
Lastly, here I am, showing off the new black and white diced hose that my wife knit for me. She had been working on them for the past month and had just completed them the morning of the event. For those curious, I'm wearing the Highland Granite tartan (16 oz, Lochcarron cloth), in a 6 yard knife pleated kilt of my own make. The sporran is a skunk fur Glengyle by Ferguson Britt. Argyle jacket and ghillie brogue shoes are from Lochcarron, and the vest I actually picked up from a supplier of nineteenth century style American clothing.
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Wesley said...

Wonderful Pics. Sounds like a great time.

You're a lucky man to have a wife who knits hose for you :).