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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm on TV!

It's official. I've had my 15 minutes of fame.

Back in June the show "North Carolina Weekend" aired a segment about the Scottish Tartans Museum. It was a really well done segment, on a show that features places within North Carolina that are recommended for a fun weekend trip.

Today, I had the thought to see if the show was archived on line. Sure enough, I found it!

It's the second segment in the show, about 5:55 into it. The segment itself is about 5 minutes long.

As I said, it's extremely well done. The narrator only made a few errors. For instance, he misidentified the Lochiel tartan as the Malcolm tartan -- understandable, as the kilt in questions belonged to a man surnamed Malcolm. He also stated that there are "over 4000" recorded tartans, which is technically correct, but in truth there are over 7000 recorded now with the STA.

All in all, though, a very well done and well edited segment. And I'm glad it is on line so that more folks can see it! (You may recognize one of the people interviewed...)

1 comment:

Kyle said...

Thanks for making it so easy, especially for those outwith NC, to see your portion of the show!