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Friday, July 25, 2008

Tribute to my wife

My wife is a wonderful knitter, and despite having to take care of me and our four small children, cook and keep the house clean, and this strange compulsion she has to knit herself a new bag every week or two, she has managed to find time to knit me some wonderful kilt hose. I thought it would be nice to showcase them all in one place here. I'm a proud and happy husband, what can I say?These are a black and white diced pair that works wonderfully well with my Highland Granite kilt, as well as many others. I've worn these mostly for formal wear.

This is a pair of brown and white (really an off-white natural color) shepherd's check hose. I love these! They go great with most all of my tartans, and my tweeds, as well. Here's a close up of them in the snow last winter.
This is the same pair, sans shoes and distracting background. She got the pattern from Lady Gainsford's book on kilt hose and knickerbocker stockings.

She took this shot of the aformentioned two hose, plus a green cable knit, for her knitting forum. The loden green pair were the very first pair of hose she knit. They turned out a bit too small, but I wear them anyway, despite her protests. (Maybe I can shame her into making me a new green pair).

This is the most recent pair she knit for me. I've only worn them once so far, but I can already tell they are going to get a lot of wear. They go great with my Armstrong kilt, and my MacQuarrie (c. 1815). I believe they will also be a good match for one of my Harris tweed kilts.

Lately she has been working with a friend of ours on knitting fancy hose cuffs, and attaching them to machine knit sock blanks. They are developing a line which will soon be available through the Scottish Tartans Museum gift shop. As the husband, I am the lucky recipient of the first pair, seen below.

What can I say, guys? If you have a choice, marry a knitter. Oh, yeah, and her cooking is fantastic!


piperdbh said...

If you don't have a choice, become a knitter. It's as easy as replacing an alternator!

Kris Jensen-Van Heste said...

This knitting wife would love to get the pattern for the green cabled pair... could you ask your knitting wife, please? Thanks!

ali said...

those are fantastic! What a talented knitter. I must admit I'm a little intimidated by knitting fair isle and intarsia...

Matthew Newsome, FSA Scot, GTS said...

My wife has told me that working with a pattern in multiple colors is actually easier than working with a cable pattern in one color. She says the knitting goes faster and it's easier to keep up with where you are in the pattern. There are some really neat Fair Isle patterns that would make wonderful hose tops!