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Thursday, July 09, 2009

A Wedding Story

My friends Bisell and Amanda were married on June 6 of this year. I wish them both the best, and wish I could have been there to see them wed. In any case, I was happy to be able to make not only the groom's kilt, but also the kilt worn by the best man, as well. Both of them designed their own personal tartans (the groom's specifically for the occasion of the wedding). Both are wearing 5-yard Kingussie style kilts (with a single box pleat in the center rear, with knife pleats fanning out to either side). Both are also wearing Ferguson Britt sporrans, and jackets, waistcoats, and hose purchased from the Scottish Tartans Museum gift shop.

The wedding photographer was Paul Floyd, and he did a truly excellent job. Click here to view photos and a slide show from his web site.

Below are just a couple of my favorite samples....

Congrats to Bisell and Amanda!

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