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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hand Knit Highland Bonnet

I was paid a visit today by Ryan Ross, the young man who knits the highland bonnets that we have recently made available in the museum gift shop.

He was making a bonnet delivery to fill an order for one of our gift shop clients. However he also had another bonnet to show me -- a black one he made with a red toorie.

I was actually considering putting in an order for a bonnet myself, but was leaning towards a light brown color.

Well, to make a long story short, I ended up taking the black one home with me, PLUS putting in the order for the brown.

I'm really extremely pleased with these bonnets. I get to support a local artisan. I get to enjoy hand crafted quality. And I have another great, historically inspired accessory for my Highland wardrobe that both hearkens to the past and fits in well with modern kilt wear.

I recommend them heartily and am very proud to be able to make them available to fans of quality kilt wear everywhere.

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Brad Matheson said...

I live in Australia and of Scottish descent and would like to buy a Ross knitted bonnet. Does he have a website or an outlet where they can be ordered on the internet..

Brad Matheson