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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Parliamentary Debate in 1908

While searching through Google Books recently, I found a transcript of The Parliamentary debates (Authorized edition), Volume 191. Within it was a small debate over where the cloth for the military was to be woven, from a 2 July, 1908, session. Given the recent debates over the production of tartan cloth for the Royal Regiment of Scotland, I thought my readers may find this "blast from the past" interesting.
pg. 948
Manufacture of Scottish Tartans.
*Mr. REES (Montgomery Boroughs): I beg to ask the Secretary of State for War whether the cloth of which the uniforms of Scottish regiments are made is manufactured by and purchased from Scottish manufacturers; and, if so, whether the like treatment will be accorded to manufacturers in Wales in respect of the uniforms of Welsh regiments.

Mr. ACLAND: Highland tartan for the Army is made exclusively in Scotland. Should any Welsh manufacturers desire to tender for Army cloths, the War Office will be glad to receive applications.

*Mr. REES: Is the hon. Gentleman aware that a strong impression prevails in Wales that the Scottish by some superior craft or subtlety get better terms in this respect?

Mr. ACLAND: I do believe they make the cloth better.

Major ANSTRUTHER-GRAY: Are we to understand that Scottish tartan is to be made in Wales?

Mr. ACLAND: If the Welsh could make any cloth good enough, we should be glad, I think, to buy it from Wales.

*Mr. LEIF JONES (Westmoreland, Appleby): Will the War Office take care to procure the best cloth for this purpose at the least possible cost?

Mr. ACLAND: Certainly.

*Mr. REES: Is the hon. Gentleman aware that in Wales he can obtain those conditions?

Mr. WATT (Glasgow, College): It is in Scotland that those conditions prevail.

An HON. MEMBER: And is this the United Kingdom!

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