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Monday, February 28, 2011

Introducing the New House Highland tartan

I took delivery today of two very special packages from our mill in the Scottish borders. Two lengths of tartan I designed especially for my wife and I. I had a kilt length woven in heavy weight wool for myself, and another length in lighter weight wool, which my wife plans to make a dress from for herself.

The funny thing is that, although I have designed many tartans for others, I have never truly had a desire to create a tartan for myself.

The inspiration for the New House Highland tartan came from a series of tartans I worked on for the Scottish Tartans Authority, intended to be woven as Harris Tweed for the 100th anniversary of the Orb Mark last fall, but which never came to fruition.

One of those designs really held my eye and I kept coming back to it again and again. I liked it so much I had the thought to have some woven for myself. I tweaked the design a bit more to make it more to my personal liking, consulted with my wife about it, and thus was created the New House Highland tartan.

Pictures below. I can't wait to wear it in a kilt, and I look forward even more to seeing my wife in her new dress!

1 comment:

Joan_h said...

That is truly awesome, Matthew. A beautiful plaid. I am looking forward to seeing a picture of all of your family members wearing this New House Highland "tartan".